giovedì 2 giugno 2016

UT Tweak Tool 0.3 - Changelog

A new release of UT Tweak Tool is going to be available in the following days.

List of changes:
  • New settings for Unity8
  • Fixed an issue with the navigation bar in the header. Now the "System" section is easily accessible in the wait for an improvement in the Ubuntu UI Toolkit.
  • The available settings are now filtered according to the device capabilities (e.g. has battery, is an Android device) and the software version.
  • Properly filter Ubuntu Touch apps in the "Applications" scope settings.
  • Install click packages is back again! \o/
  • Web Browser, External Devices (Ciborium), Dialer, Media Player, Messaging, and System Settings are now shown in the list of installed packages.
  • "System Information" page has been refactored, using a C++ backend
  • Updated translations

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